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  • #84: How Social Media Can Build Real Community with Dawn Nickel

#84: How Social Media Can Build Real Community with Dawn Nickel

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Join Dawn Nickel, founder of She Recovers, as she discusses how social media can build real community in recovery. Discover untapped potential and find new ways to connect with others on
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Building a Community for Women's Recovery: Dawn Nickel on How Social Media is Helping

We see ourselves as an umbrella over a lot of the already really stellar work that's going on out there in the area of women's recovery. So we certainly formed our foundation so that we can make sure that our offerings, in particular, are accessible, more accessible to women who may not otherwise be able to attend.
In episode 84 of Recovery Unscripted, Dawn Nickel, the founder of She Recovers, joins host David Condos to discuss how social media is changing the game for building real community in recovery. Despite its reputation for being superficial, social media offers untapped potential for people to connect both online and off. Dawn shares her experience with the She Recovers community, which started as an online platform that has now grown into face-to-face communities and workshops. These offerings are accessible, especially to women who may not have the resources to attend traditional recovery meetings.
The She Recovers community focuses on supporting and empowering women in recovery through a wide range of resources, including yoga in connection workshops and research on women's recovery and trauma. Dawn emphasizes that creating safe spaces for recovery communities is a responsibility and shares how She Recovers is doing more to make sure their offerings are accessible and inclusive.
Dawn also touches on the personal reasons behind why she works in recovery, stating that it's for the women she loves and knows in her life. She believes that being part of the solution is what keeps her motivated and inspired to continue her work in building recovery communities.
As Dawn and David wrap up their conversation, they remind us that social media has the potential to be an incredible tool for building real connection and that we should continue to explore new ways to use it to support and empower those in recovery. Listen to the full episode now here on