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  • A chat with Katie

A chat with Katie

Wednesday 14th June 2023

Join Katie as she shares her transformative journey from addiction to recovery at Broadway Lodge with Markkus. Discover her challenges and triumphs.
52 minutes

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Katie's Path: From Darkness to Light in Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Katie shares her struggles with childhood bullying and chaotic home life in Gloucester.
  • Her experimentation with drugs and destructive relationships led to addiction and challenging experiences.
  • Katie's turning point came when social services suggested rehab, leading her to Broadway Lodge.
  • She highlights the safety and structure found in rehab, the value of routine, and the importance of staying connected to the recovery community.
  • Katie's journey continued with further treatment, education, work, and navigating the complexities of parenting.
Once you have a taste of recovery, it's like a cliche, like it ruins your using, but it's so true. It wasn't what I expected or wanted; it just didn't work. The drugs stopped working exactly.
What happens when a young girl, never feeling quite right in her own skin, turns to drugs for solace? In this heartfelt episode, Katie opens up to Markkus, the Head of Treatment & Counselling at Broadway Lodge, about her life before, during, and after addiction. Growing up in Gloucester, Katie never felt truly happy and often sought escape through art, writing, and reading.
Her curiosity about drugs and alcohol led her down a dark path by the age of 15, experimenting with ecstasy, LSD, crack cocaine, and heroin. Katie's candid recounting of her struggles with self-image, bullying, and chaotic home life paints a vivid picture of a young life spiraling out of control. Leaving home at a young age only exacerbated her issues, leading to problematic drug use and destructive relationships.
The turning point in Katie's story came when social services suggested rehab, guiding her to Broadway Lodge. Here, she found safety, structure, and the invaluable support she desperately needed. Katie emphasizes the importance of routine and staying connected to the recovery community as key factors in her ongoing sobriety. She also highlights the support she received from Broadway Lodge's aftercare service and the West of England Works program, which helped her secure a part-time job.
Katie's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of community in overcoming addiction. Her story is not just about survival but about finding hope and building a brighter future. This episode is a must-listen for anyone touched by addiction or seeking inspiration on the road to recovery.