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  • A chat with Ben

A chat with Ben

Monday 25th September 2023

Ben recounts his journey from cocaine addiction to life transformation at Broadway Lodge. Hear his inspiring story of recovery and change.
51 minutes

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Ben's Journey: From Cocaine Addiction to Life Transformation

Episode Overview

  • Ben initially sought treatment to win back his wife, not fully recognising his addiction.
  • During his stay at Broadway Lodge, Ben's mindset shifted, leading to profound changes in his life and business.
  • He emphasizes the transformative power of seeking help and being willing to change.
  • Ben shares pivotal moments of self-realisation and the support he received during his recovery journey.
  • His story highlights the impact of seeking help and the willingness to reach out in both personal and professional life.
I always will be thankful for Broadway Lodge. Without their intervention, I wouldn't have what I have today. It's not just about recovery; it's about life. When I wanted to change the business, I had to reach out. I had to ask for help, and it made all the difference.
Ben's story is one of unexpected twists and profound changes. When he first walked into Broadway Lodge for cocaine addiction treatment in July 2019, his primary goal was to win back his wife, who had left him weeks earlier. Initially, Ben's commitment was shaky, driven more by desperation than a genuine desire to change. But as he settled into the program and began to listen to the staff, his approach shifted dramatically.
Over the course of his four-week stay, Ben not only embraced the treatment process but also applied the lessons he learned to his personal life and business. In this episode of the Miracle Mansion Podcast, Ben opens up about his journey, sharing how he managed early recovery, navigated relationships with loved ones, and even turned his business around. He candidly discusses the challenges of socialising without alcohol and the impact of people-pleasing on his recovery.
Ben's story is a testament to the transformative power of seeking help and being open to change. His return to Broadway Lodge to share his experience is both brave and inspiring, offering hope to anyone facing similar struggles.