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  • A chat with Sarah

A chat with Sarah

Tuesday 19th December 2023

Join Sarah as she candidly shares her battle with alcohol addiction and recovery journey at Broadway Lodge, emphasizing the importance of community and support.
69 minutes

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Sarah's Story: Finding Hope and Healing at Broadway Lodge

Episode Overview

  • Sarah reflects on her unhealthy relationship with alcohol and the realisation that her drinking habits were far from normal.
  • She shares her journey of seeking professional help and her transformative experience at Broadway Lodge.
  • Sarah's recount of her stay at Broadway Lodge highlights the profound impact of the supportive community, counselling, and 12-step program.
  • The podcast delves into the challenges Sarah faced in confronting her emotions and learning to navigate life without alcohol.
  • Her newfound resilience and ability to embrace vulnerability shine through as she shares the profound impact of her recovery journey.
I worked my ass off... I got a taste of what it's like now and I've got that motivation to push through and that determination to... I feel like it's all doable.
What happens when you take a brave step towards recovery during one of the most challenging times? In this episode, Markkus, Head of Treatment & Counselling at Broadway Lodge, sits down with Sarah, a former client who battled alcohol addiction during the coronavirus pandemic. Sarah opens up about her life before addiction took hold, sharing candid reflections on her younger years and the reasons she turned to alcohol.
Her story is both relatable and inspiring, showing that taking a break from the chaos of daily life to seek professional help can be a game-changer. Sarah's journey to Broadway Lodge wasn't just about quitting alcohol; it was about confronting deep-seated emotions and mental health struggles. She recounts her downward spiral, including a frightening hospitalisation, and the moment she realised she needed help.
At Broadway Lodge, Sarah found more than just treatment—she discovered a supportive community, compassionate counselling, and the strength to face her fears. Her stay was marked by profound personal growth and the development of resilience. The episode highlights the importance of human connection in recovery and the power of embracing vulnerability. Sarah's experience is a testament to the transformative impact of seeking help and building genuine relationships.
If you're looking for a story that underscores hope and the possibility of change, this episode is a must-listen.