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  • AA Grapevine Magazine 80th Anniversary Special [Season 6, Episode 23]

AA Grapevine Magazine 80th Anniversary Special [Season 6, Episode 23]

Monday 3rd June 2024

Join the 80th Anniversary Special of AA Grapevine Magazine for stories, music, and reflections on its enduring impact in the Alcoholics Anonymous community.
48 minutes

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Celebrating 80 Years of AA Grapevine: Stories, Songs, and Community

Episode Overview

  • 80th anniversary celebration of AA Grapevine Magazine
  • Insights from Grapevine staff and board members
  • Member stories reflecting on the impact of Grapevine
  • Inspirational moments and reflections on recovery
  • Upcoming Ickypah conference details shared
I love hearing the laughter. The first time I heard laughter in the rooms, like I thought there wasn't going to be any more laughter. I really didn't. I thought that's over, but I again have to make some changes. And all of a sudden, here comes everybody. I heard it through the grapevine.
Imagine a magazine that has been a lifeline for countless people battling alcoholism for 80 years. That's AA Grapevine Magazine, and this episode is a tribute to its incredible journey. You'll hear from Grapevine staff and board members who share their reflections on the magazine's evolution. Miley dives into the rich history of Grapevine, highlighting its growth from a monthly print publication to a multi-media powerhouse with apps, podcasts, and more.
Steve, whose article graces the June 2024 issue, opens up about his struggles with alcoholism and his path to recovery. As a special treat, he also performs his song, 'The Rooms', adding a musical touch to the celebration. Cara and Matt give you a sneak peek into the 2024 International Conference of Young People in AA (ICYPAA), set to take place in Austin, TX.
This episode is a heartfelt blend of stories, music, and community spirit, celebrating the profound impact of AA Grapevine over the decades.