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  • Addiction, Substance Abuse and Misuse

Addiction, Substance Abuse and Misuse

Monday 15th October 2007

Join Mary Woods in an enlightening conversation with Dr. Mark Mcgovern on substance abuse, addiction, and effective treatments for recovery on One Hour At A Time. Listen now on
55 minutes

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Addiction, Substance Abuse and Misuse: Understanding Treatment and Recovery with Dr. Mark Mcgovern

I think the disease aspect to addiction is, from a conceptual point of view, been pretty well established by people that have observed it or people that have suffered it, but I believe in The Coming Years we'll definitely be able to track it more physiologically, anatomically and biomedically through our improvements in these kinds of technologies.
On the latest episode of One Hour at a Time, host Mary Woods sits down with Dr. Mark Mcgovern from The Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center to discuss substance abuse, addiction, and effective treatments for recovery. Dr. Mcgovern explains that addiction is a disease that requires treatment, and that neuroanatomical and neurological changes associated with chronic substance use mean that people with substance use disorders will need some form of treatment, even if it is only periodic monitoring, for the foreseeable future or the rest of their lives. He also discusses medications such as acamprosate, naltrexone, and methadone, and the role of self-help groups in the recovery process.
Dr. Mcgovern emphasizes the importance of understanding the recovery spectrum of substance use disorders. Some people may fall into a category of misuse, while others have made many attempts to stop using substances through willpower. He notes that animals will choose to use a substance over basic needs such as food and water, indicating the severity of the disorder.
One Hour at a Time also explores the concept of dual disorders, which can be confusing for families who are trying to understand their loved one's condition. Dr. Mcgovern explains that severe and persistent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can co-occur with substance dependence, as well as less severe psychiatric disorders like mood disorders and anxiety.
The episode ends on an uplifting note as Dr. Mcgovern encourages listeners not to get discouraged in their recovery journey. The conversation is informative, empowering, and transformative, providing a better understanding of addiction, treatment, and recovery. Listen to the full episode now on