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  • Opiate Addiction: treatment myths, misconceptions

Opiate Addiction: treatment myths, misconceptions

Monday 22nd October 2007

Learn about the signs and symptoms of opiate dependence, the current effective treatment interventions, and the myths surrounding opiate addiction in this episode of One Hour at a Time on
57 minutes

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Opiate Addiction: Dispelling Myths and Providing Effective Treatment Options

The treatment of opiate dependency really extends way beyond just it being about taking the opiate.
In this episode of One Hour at a Time on, host Mary Woods speaks with Dr. Mark Green about opiate addiction treatment myths and misconceptions. Dr. Green discusses how opiate addiction involves more than just the development of tolerance and withdrawal, and how genetic and developmental risks can increase the likelihood of addiction. He also explains the impact of stress on opiate dependency and the importance of individualized care in recovery. Dr.
Green emphasizes that opiate addiction is a chronic illness that requires a combination of medication and therapy for effective treatment. He dispels common myths surrounding opiate addiction and highlights the importance of supporting loved ones in recovery. Mary and Dr. Green stress the role of education in successful recovery, and provide hope and support for those struggling with opiate addiction. Listen to the full episode now on to learn more.