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God’s Family Plan: Establishing Generational Blessing

Dave & Kathie Burnett

  • An Emerging Greater Glory Generation

An Emerging Greater Glory Generation

Tuesday 25th April 2023

Dave Burnett shares a vision of an 'Emerging Greater Glory Generation', offering prophetic insight for believers to prepare the next generation for divine purpose.
7 minutes

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God’s Family Plan: Establishing Generational Blessing
Dave & Kathie Burnett
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A Vision of Hope: Preparing the Next Generation for Glory

Episode Overview

  • Dave shares a vision of an 'Emerging Greater Glory Generation' as a powerful prophetic insight for believers of all ages
  • He emphasizes the importance of preparing the next generation to carry the torch of faith and advance in increasing glory
  • The responsibility of nurturing the young ones is echoed from biblical principles, challenging parents and spiritual mentors
  • Dave believes that embracing and nurturing the emerging generations will lead to a manifestation of God's glory unlike anything seen before.
This vision offers prophetic insight for the ministry assignment of every generation of believer, young and old, regardless of age. This vision is a representation of the church advancing powerfully out of the darkness of religion and secularism, guided by a piercing light.
Picture a train emerging from darkness, its bright lights cutting through the gloom. This vivid image sets the stage for Dave Burnett's latest episode of 'God's Family Plan'. On December 8, 2018, Dave received this vision and has since meditated on its profound meaning. He sees it as a symbol of an 'Emerging Greater Glory Generation', a powerful alignment of believers across all ages, united in purpose and guided by divine light.
In this episode, Dave dives into the prophetic insights revealed by his vision. He explains how one generation has laid the tracks, and now it's time for the next to carry the torch forward. Drawing parallels with the biblical story of Elijah and Elisha, he emphasizes the importance of preparing young believers to step into their roles with confidence and faith. Dave challenges parents, mentors, and spiritual leaders to take an active role in nurturing the upcoming generation.
He believes that by doing so, we can witness an unprecedented manifestation of God's glory. The episode is rich with biblical references and practical advice, making it a must-listen for anyone invested in fostering a legacy of faith and blessing within their family. Whether you're a parent looking to guide your children, a mentor seeking to inspire, or simply someone curious about the intersection of faith and generational impact, this episode offers valuable insights.
It's a call to action for all believers to unite in purpose and prepare the way for a future filled with divine glory.