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God’s Family Plan: Establishing Generational Blessing

Dave & Kathie Burnett

  • The Passover Paradigm: God's Timeless Household Strategy

The Passover Paradigm: God's Timeless Household Strategy

Tuesday 4th April 2023

Join Dave and Kathie Burnett as they explore Passover's timeless lessons and their relevance for modern families in this episode of 'God's Family Plan'.
21 minutes

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God’s Family Plan: Establishing Generational Blessing
Dave & Kathie Burnett
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Passover Insights: Timeless Lessons for Modern Families

Passover offers us a lesson from biblical history that every believer needs to learn. If you're a student of the new testament, you should already understand that Jesus, the apostles in the early church, celebrated passover, and I believe we ought to imitate Jesus by remembering and honoring passover.
Ever wondered how ancient traditions can still resonate today? In this episode of 'God's Family Plan', Dave and Kathie Burnett dive into the significance of Passover, revealing its deep-rooted lessons for contemporary households. They explore how Passover isn't just a historical event but a powerful narrative that points to Jesus and offers timeless wisdom. The Burnetts discuss the importance of communion, tracing its origins back to Jesus' Passover table, and how this practice can enrich our spiritual lives today.
They also emphasize the transformation into the image of the Lord, illustrating how these age-old traditions can shape our modern faith journey. One of the highlights is their focus on teaching children about Passover. By framing it as a story of a mighty, miraculous God, they show how it can captivate young minds more effectively than any superhero tale.
Through engaging commentary and thoughtful insights, Dave and Kathie make a compelling case for why Passover remains relevant and how its lessons can be applied in our daily lives. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of biblical history or seeking ways to enrich your family's spiritual practice, this episode offers valuable perspectives that bridge the ancient with the modern.