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  • Being Present, and Having A Vision

Being Present, and Having A Vision

Saturday 12th January 2019

Join Erik Frederickson on the Recovering Reality Podcast as he explores the importance of being present and having a vision for personal recovery. Listen now on!
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Being Present, Having A Vision: The Key To Personal Recovery

I was slowly but surely learning how to be in charge of my feelings, not my feelings being in charge of me.
Erik Frederickson, Life and Recovery Coach, shares the importance of being present and having a vision for personal recovery in the latest episode of the Recovering Reality Podcast. Throughout the episode, Erik discusses his own journey to recovery and how he learned to take control of his feelings and focus on fulfilling his long-term potential. Erik emphasizes the significance of staying present in the day and accepting wrongs while connecting with God. He also highlights the role of One Day at a Time in recovery and its impact on personal growth.
Erik’s perspective on One Day at a Time is unique. He believes that while it is essential to focus on the present, one must also have a vision for the future. Being fueled by a higher power can help one achieve their goals and fulfill their potential. Erik advises listeners to take one step at a time, especially in the first year of recovery. He shares his own experience of taking steps one through eight in a matter of hours and how it lifted a weight off of him.
Throughout the episode, Erik stresses the power of staying present and being in charge of one's feelings. He encourages listeners to limit themselves to living into their potential and greater perspective while understanding that the principles of God work. Erik also highlights the importance of having a vision and fulfilling it by learning how to stay present in the day.
The Recovering Reality Podcast is an excellent resource for those seeking inspiration, practical insights, and hope in their personal recovery journey. Erik's coaching experience and public speaking skills make him a sought-after coach and speaker, and his insights in this episode are no exception. If you are looking for ways to enhance your personal recovery journey, this episode is a must-listen. Listen now on and take the first step towards fulfilling your potential.