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  • What Lens Are You Looking Through?

What Lens Are You Looking Through?

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Gain a new perspective on recovery with The Recovering Reality Podcast's episode, 'What Lens Are You Looking Through?'. Learn how changing your perspective can lead to positive change in your recovery journey.
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The Power of Perspective in Recovery: What Lens Are You Looking Through?

We have the choice to be the person that brings the solution. We have the choice to be the change agent. We have the choice to speak, to come into a situation and say: I understand, that's true, your situation is true. Let's not pretend it's not there. That's foolishness, that's a problem. But let's begin to walk you into the solution.
The Recovering Reality Podcast's episode 'What Lens Are You Looking Through?' offers a refreshing perspective on recovery. Host Erik Frederickson shares a simple but powerful flip on perspective that can make a significant impact on one's recovery journey. Rather than focusing on the problems and criticizing others, Frederickson encourages listeners to be a change agent by choosing to see the good in a situation. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's own issues through criticism and the power of words in recovery.
Frederickson points out that seeing what's wrong is not always the problem, but critiquing it and making it worse is pouring gasoline on a bad fire. Instead, he encourages listeners to be the ones who see what's wrong and walk people into what's right. By doing so, they become the solution to the problem and the change agent in the situation.
Frederickson's message is not only relevant to those in recovery but to anyone looking to change their perspective and approach to life. This episode is a reminder that it's always a choice to see the good in a situation and to be the person who brings the solution. Listen to 'What Lens Are You Looking Through?' now on and start seeing the world through a new lens.