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  • WTUZ Radio interview with Recovery Coach Erik Frederickson

WTUZ Radio interview with Recovery Coach Erik Frederickson

Friday 4th January 2019

Join Erik Frederickson as he shares his inspiring journey to recovery and his thoughts on Ohio's Issue 1. Listen to The Recovering Reality Podcast now!
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Erik Frederickson Shares His Journey to Recovery and Thoughts on Ohio's Issue 1

The leverage of consequences did help me. It absolutely facilitated a healing and a change in my life.
On a recent episode of The Recovering Reality Podcast, Erik Frederickson shared his journey to recovery with host Mary Alice. Erik's journey began when he was prescribed vicodin after a knee surgery at the age of 17. What started as taking the medication as prescribed quickly turned into a path of destruction that led to intentional suicide attempts, hospitalization, jail time, and rehab. It wasn't until the age of 27 that Erik began to surrender and try living life a different way.
One of the key factors that helped Erik was the leverage of consequences, which forced him to think about his actions and the direction he was heading. This is why he believes that Ohio's Issue 1, which proposes to reduce penalties for drug possession and use, is not the answer. Erik believes that consequences are necessary to facilitate change and that offering as much help as possible for addicts to change is important, but they must be ready to change themselves.
Erik also emphasizes the importance of spirituality in recovery. He has yet to see anyone live in a real transformation of life that is happy and fulfilling without some sort of component of relationship with God or spirituality. He believes that spirituality is what has allowed him to live in faith, freedom, and the miraculous.
Overall, Erik's story is an inspiring one that highlights the power of consequences and spirituality in recovery. His perspective on Ohio's Issue 1 is thought-provoking and sheds light on the complexities of addiction and recovery. If you're interested in hearing more about Erik's journey, be sure to check out The Recovering Reality Podcast now!