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Bizzy and Birdy!

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Join Elizabeth Chance and Louise F. as they discuss James Brolin's sobriety journey, their own experiences with alcohol and sobriety, and the process of rebuilding relationships in a life of sobriety.

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Elizabeth Chance Discusses Sobriety and Life with Guest Louise F. in Bizzy and Birdy!

It's just that I definitely have this gene and I can see in my family where it was passed down to me. Like they go out for dinner, they order a glass of wine, it sits there, it sits there. And I have some of them, and they're like really small, they're like a shot of wine. So people would say: why don't you have one drink? But normal people don't even think like that at all.
In a recent episode of The Elizabeth Chance Podcast, Elizabeth is joined by guest Louise F. to discuss their experiences with alcohol and sobriety. The two begin by celebrating the five-year sobriety anniversary of James Brolin and reflecting on his journey. Elizabeth shares her personal experiences with alcohol and sobriety, discussing her genetic predisposition to addiction and the impact it has had on her life and relationships.
Louise shares her own experiences and the process of rebuilding relationships in a life of sobriety. The conversation also delves into navigating social situations in sobriety and the importance of authenticity in personal relationships. As the episode comes to a close, Elizabeth and Louise share their hopes for the future and encourage listeners to reach out with topics they would like to hear discussed on the show. Listen to the full episode now here on alcoholfree.com.