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  • What happens when dreams do come true...

What happens when dreams do come true...

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Listen in as Elizabeth Chance shares her journey of navigating life and sobriety, and how making sober choices allowed her dreams to come true. Join us and discover how to walk in sobriety, one day at a time, with alcoholfree.com.

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Navigating Life and Sobriety with Elizabeth Chance: What Happens When Dreams Come True

I can tell you being sober and making sober choices has definitely allowed this to happen. It would not be happening if I were drinking.
Elizabeth Chance, a woman, mom, wife, friend, alcoholic survivor, healer, believer, and coach, shares her journey of navigating life and sobriety in a recent episode of her podcast. In the episode titled 'What Happens When Dreams Come True,' Elizabeth talks about how making sober choices allowed her to achieve her dream of moving to Florida. She acknowledges that this dream would not have been possible if she were still drinking.
Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of being honest and sharing her experiences, strength, and hope with others. She credits doing her podcasts as helping her to stay sober, reminding her that she needs people and that she needs to be honest. She also reflects on the dangers of complacency in sobriety and how her disease tells her she doesn't have a disease. She has to keep praying and doing the things she needs to do to keep herself sober, one day at a time.
Elizabeth shares her belief in the power of prayer and her higher power, thanking him for keeping her sober today and helping her to lose her character defects. She encourages listeners to do the same, to thank their higher power and pray for others who are struggling.
Elizabeth talks about the impact of addiction on decision making, noting that the first drink is when it all starts. She speaks about how she can't judge anyone because she knows what it's like to be there. She shares her experiences of speaking at jails with her friend Bertie, and how the people there talk about how they were doing drugs or drinking. She acknowledges that the real world is not nice, and that she didn't want to have to get herself in those situations anymore. She knew she couldn't have one.
Elizabeth ends the episode with a message of hope and blessings for her listeners, hoping that they have a blessed day and a blessed week. Her journey of navigating life and sobriety is an inspiration to others, reminding us that we can achieve our dreams and walk in sobriety, one day at a time.