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  • Bonus Ep - Maternal Incest - Daniel M

Bonus Ep - Maternal Incest - Daniel M

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Join Paul Gilmartin and Daniel M as they share a heartfelt discussion about maternal incest on Mental Illness Happy Hour. Listen now to gain insights and understanding.
42 minutes

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Breaking the Silence: A Candid Conversation About Maternal Incest on Mental Illness Happy Hour

It's incredible that the damage they can do, whether it's conscious or not on their part, whether it's a part of your mom's sickness or you know, she's not deluded and it's just her.
In a heart-wrenching episode of Mental Illness Happy Hour, Paul Gilmartin and guest Daniel M share a candid conversation about maternal incest. The two men discuss their own personal experiences of abuse and trauma and how they coped with the aftermath. Throughout the episode, they explore the effects of incest, dealing with shame, the importance of therapy, navigating relationships, self-medicating behaviors, and understanding and acceptance. The conversation is raw, honest, and thought-provoking, and provides listeners with insights into the complex and devastating effects of maternal incest.
Daniel's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Despite enduring unspeakable trauma, he has found the strength to seek help, heal, and move forward. His story is a powerful reminder that recovery is possible, and that we are not defined by our past. Through this conversation, Paul and Daniel provide a space for others who may be struggling with similar experiences to feel seen and heard. They offer hope and encouragement, and remind us that we are not alone.
The episode is a must-listen for anyone who has experienced trauma or knows someone who has. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of breaking the silence and speaking out about abuse. It is a call to action for all of us to listen, support, and advocate for those who have been impacted by maternal incest and other forms of trauma.
Don't miss this engaging and compassionate episode of Mental Illness Happy Hour. Listen now to gain insights and understanding.