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Tamar Medford & Lane Kennedy

  • Bonus Episode - The Meat & Bricks Challenge plus a added coaching session with Adam Schaeuble!

Bonus Episode - The Meat & Bricks Challenge plus a added coaching session with Adam Schaeuble!

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Join Tamar Medford and Lane Kennedy as they take on the Meat & Bricks Challenge and share their experience of staying healthy on the road.
24 minutes

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Meat & Bricks Challenge: A Journey to Health on the Road

It makes a world of difference, because I actually head into my next month knowing what I'm going to be doing, having my strategies in place.
Tamar Medford and Lane Kennedy, with 35 years of continuous sobriety, are on a journey to stay healthy on the road. In a recent bonus episode of their podcast 'You're Sober! Now What?', they took on the Meat & Bricks Challenge, an initiative to eat meat as a main source of food for a month. Tamar, who isn't a keto person, was initially skeptical but got swayed by the word 'challenge.' With proper coaching, she began the challenge.
One of the things Tamar learned is the importance of having a plan. Following the guidelines of the challenge made it easier for her to limit her food prep for the month. Tamar and Lane also discussed manipulating their diet to stay healthy on the road and shared tips for ordering in restaurants. They emphasized the importance of connecting with local suppliers to ensure the quality of meat they eat.
The challenge helped Tamar and Lane head into the next month with a strategy in place, making a world of difference. Want to hear more about their experience with the Meat & Bricks Challenge? Listen to the episode now here on alcoholfree.com.