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Mary Woods

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Monday 20th October 2008

Join Mary Woods on One Hour AT A Time as she discusses the challenges faced by women in addiction treatment and how we can support their recovery. Listen now on
55 minutes

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Women in Addiction: Understanding the Unique Challenges They Face

I think when you are in the role of caretaker, which many of us are, you lose touch with who you are physically. And that's part of what you're saying about keeping in touch with your identity.
In this episode of One Hour AT A Time, host Mary Woods sheds light on the unique challenges faced by women in addiction treatment. She speaks with guests about the importance of gender-specific treatment and how program design and interventions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of women in recovery. The conversation also explores the intersection of substance abuse and mental illness, and the role of caretaking in addiction.
Throughout the episode, Mary and her guests work to destigmatize addiction for women and provide resources for those seeking help. As Mary notes, 'women have a very hard time looking at themselves as having a problem, because it's just the way men do.' By providing a safe and supportive space for women in recovery, we can help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to take personal responsibility for their health.
Listen to the full episode now on and learn how you can support the recovery of women in addiction treatment.