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  • Recovery is a Reality

Recovery is a Reality

Monday 27th October 2008

Join Mary Woods as she discusses the importance of sharing real stories of recovery with Faces & Voices of Recovery on One Hour AT A Time. Listen now on
56 minutes

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Faces & Voices of Recovery: The Importance of Sharing Real Stories

We have to tell our stories so that the public has a broader understanding of addiction and recovery, so that public policymakers will feel comfortable making sure that people have the services that they need to get well.
Mary Woods hosts One Hour AT A Time, a podcast dedicated to increasing awareness about recovery and decreasing the discrimination against individuals in the recovery process. In this episode, Mary talks with Faces & Voices of Recovery, a young organization that has successfully trained people in recovery to share their stories and talk about their journey. The organization aims to mobilize millions of Americans in long-term recovery, their families, friends, and allies to speak with one voice.
Mary and her guest discuss the Recovery Bill of Rights and the Mental Health and Addiction Parity Act, which provide greater protection to people with addiction and mental illness. They also talk about the importance of recovery community organizations and how they have found ways to provide support and information to people very inexpensively. The episode highlights the impact of Recovery Month, where people from all over the country gather together to celebrate recovery and connect with others.
In the end, the podcast encourages people to share their stories of recovery, and to help the public gain a broader understanding of addiction and recovery. Listen to the full episode now here on