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  • Yoga, Mindfulness and Recovery

Yoga, Mindfulness and Recovery

Monday 10th November 2008

Discover how yoga, Reiki, and other Eastern techniques help individuals cope with stress, mental illness, and substance abuse. Join Mary Woods in One Hour At A Time podcast, on
57 minutes

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The Power of Yoga, Mindfulness and Recovery in One Hour At A Time Podcast

Recovery happens on many levels, learning to cope with stress is vital for mental health and sobriety. Yoga, Reiki and other Eastern techniques are tools that are effective and contribute to a robust life.
In the One Hour At A Time podcast, Mary Woods and Tom Sherman discussed the benefits of yoga, Reiki, and other Eastern techniques in coping with stress, mental illness, and substance abuse. Traditional therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy reframe thoughts to affect feelings positively. However, yoga and Reiki focus on the mind-body connection and energy flow. Tom Sherman teaches qi kung, Chinese yoga that combines breathing, movement, and determination.
Mindfulness and living in the present help individuals stay in the now and avoid excess mental activity, which causes stress. Moreover, breathing techniques, such as inhaling to energize and exhaling to purify, and the inner smile practice help individuals achieve relaxation and calmness. The compassion heart meditation focuses on the five high virtues and touches the tips of fingers. Lastly, volunteering in peace camps and nature camps is a fulfilling way to help others.
Listen to the episode now here on and discover the power of yoga, mindfulness, and recovery in your life.