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  • Dan B

Dan B

Thursday 1st January 1970

Join MSB Recording and Audio as they discuss the inspiring journey of Dan B on the 12 Step Recovery Podcast. Listen now on
29 minutes

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Finding Recovery Through Self-Acceptance: A Journey of Healing and Hope

Dan learned how to behave in his home of origin by disappearing into the wallpaper.
The 12 Step Recovery Podcast has been a source of inspiration for many who are struggling with addiction. In this episode, MSB Recording and Audio sit down with Dan B to discuss his journey towards recovery and self-acceptance. Dan's upbringing was marked by dysfunction, addiction, and religious control. He learned to disappear into the wallpaper as a means of coping with the chaos around him.
However, through mindfulness, self-care, and building healthy relationships, Dan has found a way to embrace his true self and live a life free from addiction. Join MSB Recording and Audio as they dive deeper into Dan's story and discover the key takeaways that can help anyone on their journey towards healing and hope. Listen to the episode now here on and be inspired by Dan's journey towards self-acceptance and recovery.