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  • Day 229 - Sober at a House Party

Day 229 - Sober at a House Party

Wednesday 1st January 2020

Join comedian David Boyle as he shares his experience of navigating sobriety at a house party in this episode of the I'm Quitting Alcohol podcast. Listen now on alcoholfree.com
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Navigating Sobriety at a House Party: Comedian David Boyle's Journey to Recovery

All I need is a little bit more rum cake. My lip will be twitchy because I'll be saying: fuck you so much. I just told you I ate a slice of rum cake.
Comedian David Boyle's I'm Quitting Alcohol podcast is a daily, five-minute journey of one man's transition from alcoholic maniac to sober lunatic. In episode Day 229 - Sober at a House Party, Boyle shares his experience of navigating sobriety at a social gathering during the New Year's celebrations. Despite facing a challenging night surrounded by people drinking, Boyle manages to stay sober and shares his reflections on the experience.
The episode begins with Boyle sharing how difficult it was to stay sober during New Year's Eve party. He describes feeling uncomfortable and anxious around drunk people, and how the temptation to drink presented itself in the form of a potent rum cake. Boyle's humor and honesty make his experience relatable to anyone who has faced similar temptations while in recovery.
Throughout the episode, Boyle discusses the challenges of navigating party culture while sober, and how his strategies have evolved over time. He emphasizes the importance of self-care and support systems, including reaching out to friends and family who understand his journey. Boyle's reflections on his personal journey and his commitment to sobriety are both inspiring and empowering.
Overall, Day 229 - Sober at a House Party is a raw and honest account of one man's journey to recovery. Boyle's humor and engaging storytelling make for an entertaining listen, while his reflections on sobriety and self-care offer valuable insights for anyone navigating the challenges of addiction recovery. To listen to the full episode and hear more from David Boyle, head to alcoholfree.com now and support the podcast community.