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I'm Quitting Alcohol

David Boyle

  • Day 230 - New Years Resolution

Day 230 - New Years Resolution

Thursday 2nd January 2020

Join comedian David Boyle as he shares his experience transitioning from an alcoholic maniac to a sober lunatic in this episode of I'm Quitting Alcohol. Learn about the challenges and rewards of quitting alcohol and find inspiration for your own journey. Listen now on alcoholfree.com.
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From Hangovers to Hope - I'm Quitting Alcohol: Day 230 - New Year's Resolution

If you're new to this podcast, just listen from Day One and you can track the roller coaster I've been through to get to here [Day 230]. And if you are a new listener and you are giving up alcohol, and that's your plan. Hit me up on social media. Send me a message. Tell me what your plan is. I'll be happy to have a chat.
Comedian David Boyle's daily podcast, I'm Quitting Alcohol, is a candid and humorous account of his journey from alcoholic maniac to sober lunatic. In this episode, Boyle reflects on his experience of quitting alcohol and shares his insights and advice for those who are considering doing the same. He acknowledges the challenges of giving up alcohol, from the physical and emotional toll of withdrawal symptoms to the loss of friendships and social connections.
However, he also emphasizes the rewards of sobriety, including improved physical and mental health, greater self-awareness, and new sources of joy and fulfillment. Boyle stresses the importance of community support in recovery, both online and offline, and encourages listeners to reach out to him for guidance and encouragement. He also shares his personal strategies for coping with cravings and triggers, including mindfulness and meditation.
Throughout the episode, Boyle's humor and honesty shine through, providing a relatable and inspiring account of the highs and lows of quitting alcohol. Whether you're just starting your journey or are a seasoned sober veteran, this episode is sure to provide valuable insights and support. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com and join the conversation on social media with #ImQuittingAlcohol.