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  • Dee H – Oakland, CA

Dee H – Oakland, CA

Thursday 1st January 1970

Listen to Dee H's inspiring journey from addiction to recovery on the 12 Step Recovery Podcast. Find hope and strength in her story, on
29 minutes

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Dee H - From Addiction to Recovery: A Powerful Story of Hope and Healing

I learned how to be honest, I learned what rigorous honesty looks like, and also kind of a black-and-white thinking about recovery, which actually didn't end up serving me, but it served me in the beginning.
Dee H's journey from addiction to recovery is a powerful testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit. Born and raised in San Francisco, Dee grew up surrounded by drinking and parties, and the HIV epidemic of the late 60s and early 70s took many of the people she loved. Her mother was often in and out of the hospital, and Dee felt a deep sense of responsibility to care for her. But this led to a cycle of addiction and institutionalization that lasted for years. It wasn't until Dee hit rock bottom and found herself on the streets, addicted to heroin, that she realized she needed help.
Through the 12 Step Recovery Podcast, Dee shares her story of recovery and the role that support and sponsorship played in her journey. She learned the importance of honesty and rigorous honesty, as well as the value of finding a sponsor who was a good fit for her. Dee's journey reminds us that recovery is possible, and that with the right support and mindset, we can overcome even the most difficult challenges.
If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, Dee's story offers hope and inspiration. Listen to the full episode of the 12 Step Recovery Podcast on and find strength in her journey. Remember, recovery is possible, and you are not alone.