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  • Don K – Orange County, CA

Don K – Orange County, CA

Thursday 1st January 1970

In this episode of the 12 Step Recovery Podcast, Don K shares his inspiring story of overcoming addiction and finding redemption through faith and the support of Alcoholics Anonymous. Listen now on
43 minutes

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Don K's Journey to Sobriety: A Story of Redemption, Faith, and Perseverance

None of this would be happening if I hadn't followed through with what my Alcoholics Anonymous tribe had taught me: get a sponsor, work the steps.
Don K's story of addiction and recovery is a powerful reminder that, no matter how hopeless our situation may seem, there is always hope for a better future. In this episode of the 12 Step Recovery Podcast, Don K shares his journey of redemption and faith, from growing up in a single-parent household in Anaheim to living in a tent in the backyard of a stranger's house.
Through his struggles with addiction and homelessness, Don K found solace and support in Alcoholics Anonymous, where he learned the importance of having a sponsor and working the steps. But it was his faith and spirituality that ultimately gave him the strength to persevere and overcome the challenges of addiction.
Through his experience, Don K reminds us that there is always a way out of addiction, and that with the support of a community and the power of faith, we can find hope, healing, and a new beginning. Listen to his inspiring story now on