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Roger L'Hereault, Addiction Educator

  • E10: Relapse Prevention Series: Humility

E10: Relapse Prevention Series: Humility

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Join Roger L'Hereault in this episode of Courage Recovery as he explores the essential role of humility in addiction recovery. Discover how consistency, ego, and complacency impact your journey to sobriety and learn practical tips to stay humble and teachable. Listen now on!
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The Importance of Humility in Addiction Recovery: A Courage Recovery Podcast Episode

To be mindful of humility in our recovery is to start fresh each day with our past, to guide and encourage us, but with the willingness to remain teachable and open to sustained actions that keep us clean and sober.
In this episode of Courage Recovery, Roger L'Hereault explores the essential role of humility in addiction recovery. As Roger explains, humility helps us to acknowledge our powerlessness over addiction, open ourselves up to help, and build a solid foundation for sobriety. However, as we progress in our journey, we can become complacent, lose consistency in our routines, and let our ego take over.
Roger highlights the common pitfalls of complacency, including ignoring co-occurring conditions, pulling away from our support network, and getting bored with our routine. To combat these challenges, Roger shares practical tips for staying humble and teachable, such as remaining open-minded and reflective, and staying connected to our support network. Roger also encourages listeners to deepen their knowledge of addiction by taking courses on Courage Recovery's website.
If you're looking for inspiration and guidance on your addiction recovery journey, tune in to this episode now on!