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  • El Descuido de los Padres hacia sus hijos

El Descuido de los Padres hacia sus hijos

Thursday 12th July 2018

Tune into 'Esperanza De Vida' to hear real stories about how neglectful parenting due to addiction affects children. Find hope and insights into recovery.
22 minutes

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The Ripple Effect of Neglectful Parenting: Stories of Recovery and Hope

No estás sola, pero si ya no puedes estar en esa situación, hay un lugar. Ellos te van a poder entregar las herramientas para continuar con el camino y lo más importante, estamos hablando de una vida que apenas está comenzando.
Ever wondered how addiction affects not just the individual but their entire family? In this episode of 'Esperanza De Vida', the hosts tackle the heavy topic of neglectful parenting due to addiction. Real-life stories from those in recovery paint a vivid picture of the profound impact that a parent's addiction can have on their children. The episode dives into the importance of recognizing family neurosis and the critical role parents play in their own recovery journeys.
With heartfelt anecdotes and candid discussions, the hosts emphasize the power of community support and the immense benefits of seeking help. This episode is a raw and eye-opening exploration that leaves listeners with a sense of hope and a renewed understanding of the far-reaching effects of addiction. Whether you're on your own path to recovery or supporting someone who is, this episode offers valuable insights and a comforting reminder that help is always available.