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  • Los Miedos en el Alcoholismo

Los Miedos en el Alcoholismo

Thursday 9th August 2018

Tune into 'Esperanza de Vida' to hear real-life stories and tips on overcoming fears in alcoholism recovery. Find hope and practical advice here.
23 minutes

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Facing Fear in Alcoholism Recovery: Stories from Esperanza de Vida

These fears come and start torturing us because the body trembles, the stomach hurts, and we start thinking that we'll die. But we don't realize that we're the ones creating these fears.
Fear is a powerful emotion, especially when you're on the journey to overcome addiction. In this episode of 'Esperanza de Vida', the focus is on understanding and tackling the fears that come with alcoholism recovery. Hosted by Radio Claret América, this episode brings together real-life stories of individuals who have faced their fears head-on in their quest for sobriety.
From the anxiety of detoxification to the emotional challenges of withdrawal, listeners are taken through the raw and honest experiences of those who have walked this path. The episode doesn't just highlight the struggles; it also offers practical advice on how to cope with fear during recovery. Tips like seeking support from peers, staying engaged in positive activities, and focusing on emotional and spiritual healing are shared.
The 12-step program's role in providing a structured path to recovery is also discussed, emphasizing its importance in helping individuals find their footing. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of the ups and downs of alcoholism recovery, filled with stories that resonate deeply and offer hope to anyone grappling with addiction.