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  • Familias Disfuncionales causas y consecuencias

Familias Disfuncionales causas y consecuencias

Thursday 13th September 2018

Explore how dysfunctional families impact addiction and recovery. Hear real stories and gain insights into breaking the cycle on 'Esperanza De Vida'.
23 minutes

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Family Ties: How Dysfunctional Families Shape Addiction and Recovery

Ver Realmente ese problema alcohólico, ver realmente una familia, ver la problemática que tiene, no necesariamente si eres alcohólico, alcohol fue la fuga, fue lo que te llevó.
What role do dysfunctional families play in the development of addiction? This episode of 'Esperanza De Vida' dives deep into this question, bringing you real stories from those who have lived through it. Hosted by Radio Claret América, this episode isn't just about the hardships but also about the resilience and recovery that can follow. You'll hear firsthand accounts from individuals who grew up in environments where addiction seemed almost inevitable.
One guest shares, 'I thought it was normal because alcohol was always there. It wasn't until I saw the bigger picture that I understood why I turned to drinking.' The episode goes beyond personal anecdotes, emphasizing the crucial role of self-awareness in breaking free from these destructive cycles. Guests discuss how recognizing their own behavioral patterns, influenced by their upbringing, was the first step toward recovery. 'Seeing my own mistakes helped me understand how to change,' another guest explains.
This episode offers a blend of heartfelt stories and practical insights, making it a must-listen for anyone affected by addiction, whether personally or through a loved one. Tune in to 'Esperanza De Vida' for a dose of hope, encouragement, and valuable tools for your own recovery journey.