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  • Encore Episode: The Silent Epidemic

Encore Episode: The Silent Epidemic

Monday 14th January 2019

Discover the challenges of raising grandchildren in the opioid era with Dr. Andrew Adesman on Rewired Radio. Learn practical tips on kinship care and support for grandparents. Listen now on

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The Silent Epidemic: Raising Grandchildren in the Opioid Era

Despite the challenges, despite the change in lifestyle, despite possibly the alienation from their peer group of other retirees or empty nesters, despite any health, physical or mental health issues that they're dealing with and have to overcome to be a parent once again, they all felt good about their decision.
On Rewired Radio, addiction and wellness specialist Erica Spiegelman hosts Dr. Andrew Adesman, author of The Grandfamily Guidebook. The book offers practical, inspiring tips and advice on how to cope with difficult birth parents, legal, financial, and medical issues, and most importantly, how to enjoy this gift of a new life of caring for babies and children again. The opioid epidemic has contributed heavily to the number of children being placed in kinship care settings, with grandparents being the most typical caregivers.
Dr. Adesman offers insights into the emotional issues that grandparents face and how they can align priorities and navigate difficult waters. The Grandfamily Guidebook presents a wealth of information and resources that can help grandparents cope with legal and financial issues, as well as medical problems that may arise. Dr. Adesman's research shows that, despite the challenges, grandparents raising grandchildren felt good about their decision.
In the podcast, Dr. Adesman shares his insights into the emotional toll of raising grandchildren. Grandparents who suddenly find themselves as caregivers may experience alienation from their peers, and may have to overcome physical and mental health issues to be parents once again. However, Dr. Adesman's research shows that they all felt good about their decision to raise their grandchildren, despite the challenges.
Dr. Adesman also discusses the developmental and behavioral consequences of children in kinship care placements, including a higher incidence of ADHD and challenging temperaments. However, he reassures listeners that the nightmarish scenario depicted in the 80s regarding the developmental or behavioral outcome for children exposed prenatally to cocaine wasn't as bad as initially thought. He also recommends resources for listeners, such as, which offers a one-stop-shop for grandparents raising grandchildren.
Finally, Dr. Adesman recommends a book called Baby Facts, which debunks parenting myths and misconceptions. This lighter read could be of interest to parents, and even to Erica Spiegelman, who is seven months pregnant.
Overall, this episode of Rewired Radio offers practical tips, emotional support, and resources for grandparents raising grandchildren. It highlights the challenges and rewards of kinship care, and reassures listeners that they are not alone in their struggles. Listen to the episode now on and discover the power of gratitude, compassion, and authenticity in our lives.