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  • Episode 006: the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast: Sex Addiction is a Brain Disease

Episode 006: the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast: Sex Addiction is a Brain Disease

Sunday 4th January 2009

Learn how sex addiction affects the brain and how Buddhist practices can help in this episode of The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast. Listen now on alcoholfree.com
45 minutes

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Sex Addiction and the Brain: A Buddhist Perspective

Process addictions alter the brain exactly as much, and sometimes more, than the addictions that are direct, meaning taking a drink or shooting up some heroin.
In episode 6 of The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast, host Darren Littlejohn interviews Dr. Sarah Ullman, a clinical and neuropsychologist specializing in sexual addiction and arousal dysregulation. They discuss the neurological changes that occur in the brain of a person with a process addiction like sex addiction, and how Buddhist practices can aid in recovery. Dr. Ullman emphasizes the importance of attachment in therapy and the role of cyberporn in causing brain damage.
She also addresses the misconception that addiction is a moral failing, rather than a disease of the brain. This episode provides an insightful perspective on addiction from the intersection of neuroscience and Buddhist principles. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com and gain a deeper understanding of sex addiction and the brain.