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  • Episode 005: the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast: OM AH HUM Meditation from Lama Yeshe

Episode 005: the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast: OM AH HUM Meditation from Lama Yeshe

Monday 1st December 2008

Discover the transformative power of OM AH HUM meditation in this episode of The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast. Learn from Lama Yeshe's teachings on purification and awareness.
34 minutes

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The Power of OM AH HUM Meditation: A Guide to Purification and Awareness

When your concentration is good, place your attention on wisdom. The wisdom experience is intensive awareness of your own consciousness, and the wisdom is emptiness, is knowing that all phenomena are empty and it is partially an intellectual path to know that.
In episode 005 of The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast, Darren Littlejohn explores the transformative power of OM AH HUM meditation. The episode features a reading and meditation led by Lama Yeshe, a prominent Buddhist master. The practice involves visualizing white, red, and blue lights at the center of the brain, throat, and heart, respectively, to purify the body and mind. Through the meditation, Lama Yeshe emphasizes the importance of concentration, awareness, and wisdom in Buddhist practice.
He encourages practitioners to be without expectation or interpretation, to be in a state of intense awareness of their own consciousness. Littlejohn also discusses the significance of the Sanskrit language and how it relates to Vajrayana practice. He shares updates on his upcoming book, Compassionate Recovery: Mindful Healing for Trauma and Addictions, and his Yantra Yoga Book Tour. Additionally, he answers audience questions on self-esteem and god, and shares the benefits of guided meditation.
This episode is an insightful and inspiring guide to the power of OM AH HUM meditation and the teachings of Lama Yeshe. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com.