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  • Episode 11: Dr. Cody Heath, Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Episode 11: Dr. Cody Heath, Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Monday 21st January 2019

Join the discussion on addiction and resilience with Dr. Cody Heath on Recover Everything. Learn how to cope with stressors and adapt to life changes. Listen now on
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Resilience and Addiction: A Discussion with Dr. Cody Heath on Recover Everything

Families are amazing in the way that they can adapt. It's really uncomfortable, it's painful, but they don't recognize, like how strong those patterns are and how difficult they are to get out of and heal from.
In a recent episode of the Recover Everything podcast, Dr. Cody Heath joined the hosts to discuss his personal and professional experience with families dealing with addiction. Dr. Heath is a therapist who emphasizes the importance of resiliency in managing stressors and adapting to life changes. He shares his own personal journey of how he became interested in addiction therapy and how he has been using his skills to help families cope with addiction. In the episode, Dr. Heath talks about how families are amazing in the way that they can adapt to adversity and how addiction affects families in the long term. He emphasizes that addiction is one of the few things that can affect families for the long run, until it becomes the family's functioning. In other words, the more a family enables addiction, the harder it becomes to break free from those patterns.
Dr. Heath also talks about the importance of family support and how it can contribute to resilience, particularly for sexual minorities. He emphasizes that if someone has more family involvement when they come out, they are more likely to be resilient. Dr. Heath also highlights the role of therapy in addiction recovery and how it can help people manage their world. He emphasizes that everyone should be trained in addiction therapy, as it can magnify patterns that we see in every other client. He also talks about how therapy can help people adapt to their changing circumstances and manage their world in a more functional way.
Overall, the episode offers a comprehensive and informative discussion on addiction and resilience. Dr. Heath shares his insights and experiences in a way that is both thought-provoking and empowering. Listeners will come away with a greater understanding of how to cope with stressors and adapt to life changes, as well as the importance of family support in addiction recovery. If you want to learn more about addiction and resilience, listen to the episode now here on