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  • Episode 10: The Honorable Cedric Kerns

Episode 10: The Honorable Cedric Kerns

Sunday 13th January 2019

On this episode of Recover Everything, Judge Cedric A. Kerns talks about the Young Offender Court (YO Court) that he created to help young offenders and their families who are struggling with addiction. Listen to the episode now on
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How Judge Cedric Kerns Created a Specialized Court to Help Young Offenders with Addiction - Recover Everything Podcast Episode 10

The whole idea is to understand that if people would advocate the same for someone who lost- and you know what it's crazy- the reason why is we all know why they died on October 1st, right, they were shot.
Judge Cedric A. Kerns is an active member of the recovery community who has dedicated his career to helping young offenders with addiction. In episode 10 of the Recover Everything podcast, Judge Kerns talks about his creation of the Young Offender Court (YO Court), a specialized court that focuses on rehabilitating young offenders with addiction and their families. The YO Court takes a unique approach to rehabilitation, evaluating and treating each individual based on their self-reporting.
The court also emphasizes the importance of family involvement in the rehabilitation process. Judge Kerns highlights the challenges of battling for legislative change in the judicial system and the impact of the misuse of contempt. He also discusses the importance of natural highs in addiction recovery and the need to advocate for addiction recovery. Finally, Judge Kerns reflects on the impact of the October 1st shooting on addiction recovery and the importance of understanding the struggles of addiction.
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