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  • Episode 9: Eden Pastor and Art Therapy

Episode 9: Eden Pastor and Art Therapy

Sunday 6th January 2019

Join Kris and Eden Pastor on this episode of Recover Everything as they discuss the transformative power of art therapy in the recovery process.
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The Power of Art Therapy in Recovery: Insights from Eden Pastor

Every art expression is a direct line to your unconscious.
On this episode of Recover Everything, Kris sits down with Eden Pastor, a licensed art therapist and transpersonal counselor, to explore the transformative power of art therapy in the recovery process. As a clinical art psychotherapist, Eden explains how art therapy is more than just drawing and coloring; it's a way to access the unconscious mind and explore the inner self.
Through the creative process, individuals can gain greater self-awareness, connect with their inner child, and work through deep-seated wounds that often go unattended. Eden also discusses the challenges and rewards of pursuing a career in art therapy, including the need for ethical standards and support within the art therapy community. She shares her insights on how to incorporate the hero's journey into the recovery process, as well as the dangers of opening Pandora's box without proper containment.
Along the way, Kris and Eden touch on a range of topics, from the impact of art therapy on sexual energy and unconscious symbolism, to the future of art therapy and its growing popularity. If you're interested in learning more about the power of art therapy, this episode is not to be missed! Listen to the episode now here on