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  • Episode 118: Favorite Thingstagram

Episode 118: Favorite Thingstagram

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Join Laura McKowen and Holly Whitaker on HOME Podcast Episode 118 as they share their favorite things, talk about Enneagrams and Instagram, and discuss the importance of self-care.
94 minutes

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HOME Podcast Episode 118: Favorite Thingstagram - Laura McKowen and Holly Whitaker Discuss Enneagrams, Social Media, and Self-Care

It's crazy to me that, like I look at the Kardashians, like I've looked at, like I looked at Khloe Kardashian's the other day- I don't follow their stuff, but somebody.
HOME Podcast Episode 118, titled 'Favorite Thingstagram,' is an exciting and engaging episode that features Laura McKowen and Holly Whitaker sharing their favorite things of the moment. However, before they dive into their current favorites, they take an hour-long detour to discuss the Enneagram personality system and their relationship with social media, particularly Instagram. The hosts discuss the dangers of getting caught up in the social media rabbit hole and the importance of being intentional with its use.
They touch on the unrealistic portrayals of reality that are often found on Instagram and the pressure to get likes and followers. They also share their experiences with meditation and the benefits of being present in the moment. The conversation shifts to the topic of quantum physics and the power of our thoughts in shaping our reality. The hosts also discuss the benefits of living a chemical-free lifestyle and share some of their favorite non-fiction reads.
Music and art are also discussed, with Laura and Holly sharing some of their favorite artists and songs of the moment. The episode ends with a reminder to take care of oneself and to be intentional with the things we allow into our lives. Overall, HOME Podcast Episode 118 is an informative, thought-provoking, engaging, fun, and authentic episode that is sure to leave listeners feeling inspired and empowered to make positive changes in their lives.
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