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  • Episode 57: Destructive Beginnings to Recovery and Strength with Rachel Vasquez

Episode 57: Destructive Beginnings to Recovery and Strength with Rachel Vasquez

Wednesday 20th December 2023

Join Dr. Mei-Li Hennen and Rachel Vasquez as they discuss her journey from a destructive past to recovery and her dedication to helping others.
54 minutes

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Rachel Vasquez: From Turbulent Beginnings to Inspiring Recovery

Episode Overview

  • Rachel's journey from a destructive path to recovery and personal strength
  • Challenges of working in recovery as a person in recovery
  • The significance of vulnerability and honesty in maintaining sobriety
  • Insights into the impact of trauma on the recovery process
  • Emphasizing the importance of doing the work to sustain sobriety
I always feel like I'm alone. Even when I am alone, I don't feel like I'm alone.
Picture a 12-year-old on a destructive path, spiraling deeper into chaos until encounters with the criminal justice system by age 22. That was Rachel Vasquez. In this episode, Dr. Mei-Li Hennen sits down with Rachel, now a certified Substance Use Disorder Counselor and Clinical Manager, to unpack her remarkable journey. Rachel's story is one of grit and transformation.
At 37, she decided to go back to school despite having only a sixth-grade education, and by 40, she had a college degree in hand. Her battle with addiction spanned over two decades, but since 2014, she’s been in recovery, dedicating her life to helping others find their way out of the darkness. Rachel dives into the power of potential, the necessity of willingness, and the importance of vulnerability and surrender in her recovery journey.
She also shares candid thoughts on the challenges of working in recovery while being in recovery herself. This episode is a raw and heartfelt exploration of resilience, trauma, and the relentless work required to maintain sobriety. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that showcases the strength of the human spirit and the endless possibilities for a purposeful life.