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  • Episode 9 - Norma - The Power of the 12th Step in Action

Episode 9 - Norma - The Power of the 12th Step in Action

Tuesday 16th November 2021

Norma discusses her recovery journey with hosts Natalie and Michaelis, focusing on the transformative power of the 12th Step and Big Book study.
51 minutes

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Norma's Journey: Embracing the 12th Step with Heart and Soul

And I felt like, you know when I started to share with them that fire, that they feel for recovery and for learning and knowledge, like use that fire to seek other people, to give your number out, to take numbers - that's how you get to talk to them even more.
Ever wondered how the 12th Step can truly change lives? In this episode of Real Recovery, hosts Natalie Speakman and Michaelis Jacoby sit down with Norma, whose story is a testament to the power of reaching out and helping others. Norma opens up about her rollercoaster ride through recovery, highlighting how she found her footing with the Big Book study. Her tale is one of unwavering commitment and creativity in guiding others through their own sobriety journeys.
Norma’s candidness about her struggles, from battling fear to breaking down limiting beliefs, offers a raw and relatable look at the transformative potential of the 12th Step. She shares inventive ways she's connected with people, making the Big Book study accessible and impactful for many. Throughout the episode, Natalie and Michaelis create a warm, supportive space where Norma's insights shine.
Listeners will find inspiration in her dedication and leave with a renewed sense of hope and encouragement to persevere in their own recovery paths. If you're seeking a boost of motivation and a reminder of the profound impact of community and willingness, this episode is a must-listen.