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  • Podcast Finale! Episode 10 - Sarha, Shining Star

Podcast Finale! Episode 10 - Sarha, Shining Star

Monday 3rd January 2022

Join Sarha in Real Recovery's finale as she shares her inspiring journey through sobriety and the transformative power of Big Book study.
51 minutes

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Sarha's Transformative Journey with the Big Book: Real Recovery's Finale

The way we share about this, which he said earlier, is we just have to be ahead of the people.
Imagine finding a lifeline just when you need it most. For Sarha, that lifeline was the Big Book study process, which became central to her recovery journey. In this finale of 'Real Recovery', hosts Natalie Speakman and Michaelis Jacoby sit down with Sarha to explore her inspiring story of sobriety and spiritual growth. Meeting Natalie early in her recovery, Sarha embraced the Big Book study wholeheartedly, showing an incredible willingness to change.
Her dedication didn't just help her; it allowed her to guide others, even those with more years of sobriety under their belts. The episode dives deep into the importance of sponsorship, illustrating how Sarha both benefited from and contributed to this vital aspect of recovery. The conversation is a heartfelt reflection on how continuous growth and the principles of the Big Book have shaped Sarha's everyday life, helping her navigate relationships and challenges, including those brought on by the pandemic.
This episode isn't just about Sarha's story; it's a testament to the miracles that can happen through dedicated Big Book study. Whether you're new to sobriety or have been on this path for years, Sarha's journey offers hope and practical insights that can inspire anyone committed to recovery.