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  • Episodio #2 "Desórdenes alimenticios" con Evelyn Ruiz

Episodio #2 "Desórdenes alimenticios" con Evelyn Ruiz

Friday 15th May 2020

Join Evelyn Ruiz in a heartfelt discussion on eating disorders, self-care, and the power of support groups on Agua Viva Grupos Anónimos de Autoayuda.
62 minutes

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Finding Balance: Evelyn Ruiz on Eating Disorders and Self-Care

"The fact that you're seeing your physical and emotional deterioration, knowing that what you're doing may not be best for you, but at the same time feeling an impotence, an incapacity to control it, that's the struggle."
Ever wondered how the struggle with eating disorders intersects with the journey to self-acceptance? In this episode of Agua Viva Grupos Anónimos de Autoayuda, Evelyn Ruiz opens up about the complexities of eating disorders and the emotional rollercoaster tied to food. This isn't just another talk; it's a heartfelt conversation about the societal pressures that often fuel these struggles and the profound importance of self-care and support groups.
You'll hear personal stories that shed light on the stigma surrounding eating disorders, making it clear that recovery is a path filled with both challenges and hope. Evelyn's insights offer a comforting reminder that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Whether you're battling an eating disorder yourself or supporting someone who is, this episode provides valuable perspectives on finding balance and embracing recovery.
Dive into this engaging discussion and discover how community and self-love can pave the way to a healthier you.