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  • Episodio #3 "La adolescencia" con Victor Villalón

Episodio #3 "La adolescencia" con Victor Villalón

Friday 29th May 2020

Victor Villalón discusses teenage addiction recovery, focusing on support systems, emotional maturity, and social media's impact.
92 minutes

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Teenage Trials: Victor Villalón on Guiding Adolescents Through Addiction

The teenage years are a vulnerable time in human experience and require support. We are like sponges that need to be heard and supported.
Picture this: over two million teenagers grappling with addiction, yearning for a way out. In this compelling episode of Agua Viva Grupos Anónimos de Autoayuda, Victor Villalón joins the conversation to shine a light on the unique challenges teenagers face on their road to recovery. Hosted by Pablo Mijarex, this episode dives deep into the stark reality of teenage addiction, emphasizing the crucial role of support systems in the healing process.
Victor and the hosts explore the importance of emotional maturity and self-awareness, essential tools for teenagers navigating these turbulent waters. They don't shy away from discussing the pervasive influence of social media and how it can either hinder or help recovery efforts. The episode also offers practical advice on recognizing the warning signs of addiction early on, a vital step in preventing long-term struggles.
By the end, listeners are left with a powerful message: having a child battling addiction is not a failure but an opportunity to rally around them with love and support. Tune in to understand how community-based recovery programs can make a difference and why emotional resilience is key for young people facing addiction.