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  • Episodio #4 "Cómo dejar de ser egoísta" con Victor Villalón

Episodio #4 "Cómo dejar de ser egoísta" con Victor Villalón

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Learn how to overcome egoism and find true happiness with Victor Villalón on Agua Viva Grupos Anónimos de Autoayuda. Embrace selflessness for healing.
94 minutes

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Victor Villalón on Breaking Free from Egoism: A Path to Healing

El Verdadero Amor, La Libertad, se Encuentra Cuando Puedo ser yo frente a alguien y Alguien Puede Ser L Frente A M.
Imagine living in a world where everyone is constantly looking out for their own interests. Sounds familiar, right? In this episode of Agua Viva Grupos Anónimos de Autoayuda, Victor Villalón dives into the topic of egoism and its impact on addiction and emotional health. He sheds light on how our self-centered tendencies can fuel these issues and offers practical advice on how to shift towards a more selfless way of living.
Victor shares his personal journey, highlighting how embracing selflessness has brought him closer to true happiness and fulfillment. He emphasizes the importance of human connection and vulnerability in the healing process, challenging the societal norm that equates strength with independence. Agua Viva Grupos Anónimos de Autoayuda is a community that welcomes anyone struggling with addiction or emotional illness. By practicing the principles of Alcohólicos Anónimos, members find a supportive space to share their experiences and grow together.
If you're looking to understand the power of selflessness and how it can transform your life, this episode is a must-listen.