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Family Bar

Saturday 4th January 2020

Listen to Michelle's story of addiction and recovery on the Steppin' Out Radio episode 'Family Bar' on alcoholfree.com. Discover how Michelle's life spiraled out of control.
39 minutes

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From Sipping Wine to Struggling with Addiction: Michelle's Story on Steppin' Out Radio's 'Family Bar'

Eventually, I raised my hand and I think I introduced myself as an addict without an alcoholic and in AA, you, when you first come in, you count your sobriety dates one to out loud, and eventually I started counting them out loud, but I was.
In the Steppin' Out Radio episode 'Family Bar,' Michelle opens up about her experience with addiction and her journey to recovery. Michelle's first drink alone was at the young age of 11, and her family home was complete with a bar that was never locked. She came home from school one day and found an open bottle of wine in the kitchen fridge, and so she tasted it.
What started as a sip turned into a daily routine of drinking alone after school. Eventually, Michelle discovered drugs, and her addiction spiraled out of control. Despite having scholarships that depended on her grades, Michelle's substance abuse led to poor academic performance and risky behavior. But with the help of AA and a sponsor, Michelle was able to turn her life around. She shares her reflections on her journey and emphasizes the importance of seeking help for addiction.
Michelle's story is a reminder that recovery is possible and that there is hope for the future. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com.