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  • She Never Knew He Gambled

She Never Knew He Gambled

Sunday 5th January 2020

Join Andy on his journey to recovery from gambling addiction in this episode of Steppin' Out Radio. Real-life stories of addiction, transformation, and recovery.
37 minutes

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She Never Knew He Gambled: The Story of Andy and His Journey to Recovery on Steppin' Out Radio

I really think to This Day that it was by the grace of god that I came back, and I am not a religious person, I never have been, but something brought me back and it wasn't the personalities of the people in the room.
Steppin' Out Radio brings us a story of addiction, transformation, and recovery in their latest episode, 'She Never Knew He Gambled.' Andy, a compulsive gambler, shares his journey of addiction and the impact it had on his life and family. Introduced to gambling by his father-in-law, Andy quickly became consumed by the thrill of the game. Despite losing money consistently, he continued to gamble, leading to financial struggles and strained relationships.
The podcast delves into the role of therapy and support groups in Andy's recovery and highlights the importance of accepting powerlessness in addiction. The episode concludes with a message of hope and encouragement, as Andy shares how he found a new purpose through helping others. Listeners are left with a powerful reminder that recovery is possible with the right support and mindset. Listen to the full episode now on alcoholfree.com.