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  • Fire Alarms Ep 02

Fire Alarms Ep 02

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Join Hayley Bell as she shares real life experiences in her daily battles and talks about fire alarms going off in your life that have been warning you of impending danger on Finding The Valkyrie podcast episode Fire Alarms Ep 02, now available on alcoholfree.com
25 minutes

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Finding The Valkyrie: The Fire Alarms That Warn You Of Impending Danger

There are fire alarms going off in your life that have been warning you of impending danger.
In Norse mythology, Valkyries were powerful women who watched over battles and chose who would live or die. In the podcast episode Fire Alarms Ep 02 of Finding The Valkyrie, host Hayley Bell draws a parallel between these mythical figures and the inner warrior god in each of us that decides if we live or die in our daily battles.
The episode centers on the experience of a fire alarm going off at the gym, and the lack of urgency or response from the people around her. Hayley uses this incident to highlight the fire alarms going off in our lives that warn us of impending danger. She shares personal stories of ignoring warning signs in her own life, such as her sugar binge after her second child's birth, and her third pregnancy that forced her to face the truth.
She emphasizes the importance of listening to the fire alarms in our lives, and the power of the truth to change. The impact of social media on our perception of reality is also discussed, as well as the inspiration that can be found in others' success. The episode concludes with a call to action to choose to hear and act on the fire alarms in our lives.
This episode is both inspiring and empowering, offering practical advice on how to face the challenges and battles of life head-on. Listen to Finding The Valkyrie: Fire Alarms Ep 02 now on alcoholfree.com and start heeding the fire alarms in your life.