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Thursday 17th January 2019

In this episode of Keep It Simple - Daily Reading, Aaron C. talks about the importance of home groups in AA and shares his own experience.
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The Power of Home Groups in Sobriety and Recovery

The home group is that regular meeting place that you go on a regular basis, um and without fail. And what I think is important about home group, what I found was important about a home group, was that it let me get to know people and let other people get to know me.
In the latest episode of Keep It Simple - Daily Reading, Aaron C. shares his thoughts on the importance of home groups in AA. A home group is a regular meeting place where AA members gather to share their experiences, strength, and hope. It's a place where people can build fellowship and community, and find a sense of belongingness in sobriety. Aaron C.
talks about his own home group, Living With Others in San Jose, California, and how it has helped him in his own recovery journey. He emphasizes the importance of consistency in attending meetings and getting to know other people in AA. By doing so, he was able to build a support system that helped him stay sober. Aaron C.
also talks about the benefits of sharing your thoughts and experiences in recovery, and encourages listeners to contribute to the conversation through the Anchor app. If you're new to AA or are curious about home groups, this episode is a great resource. Listen to the full episode now here on