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Reading in a wrap up

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Discover the journey towards peace through sobriety in Keep It Simple's Reading in a Wrap Up episode. Read about the reflections of Aaron C. on the idea of filling up an emptiness with alcohol and drugs, and finding self-satisfaction through time and progress.
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Finding Peace in Sobriety: A Reflection on Keep It Simple's Reading in a Wrap Up Episode

I don't believe I drank to get drunk, but always to seek in the next drink that peace for which a sick soul seems to thirst.
In the Keep It Simple podcast's Reading in a Wrap Up episode, Aaron C. shares his reflections on a quote from the Daily Quote Book titled Spiritual Kind of Thirst. The quote talks about seeking peace through drinking, which Aaron relates to as a coping mechanism for his sick soul. He acknowledges that the idea of not drinking to get drunk might not make sense to those who do not have a drinking problem, but to him, it does.
Drinking and using drugs provided him with relief from his mind and from all the bad stuff that had happened to him or that he had done to others. He wanted oblivion, escape, and to forget all of that. However, he realized that alcohol and drugs only filled up the hole temporarily, and that the journey towards self-satisfaction and progress takes time.
Aaron shares that he is an alcoholic who wants immediate and grandiose results, but he has learned that things happen in God's time and not in his own. gradual results. It inspires, empowers, and encourages readers to reflect on their own journeys and to find peace through sobriety.