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Margaret Paul PhD

  • Frustrated That Your Partner Tunes You Out?

Frustrated That Your Partner Tunes You Out?

Monday 8th July 2024

Discover why your partner tunes you out and learn practical steps to improve communication and connection in your relationship.
34 minutes

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Why Your Partner Tunes You Out: Understanding the Dynamics

Episode Overview

  • Recognise how judgmental behaviour impacts your partner.
  • Understand that tuning out is often a defence mechanism.
  • Practice Inner Bonding techniques to transform relationships.
  • Take responsibility for your own actions and their effects.
  • Learn practical steps to improve communication and connection.
I guess the irony is that I judge him for his unconsciousness, but I'm very unconscious of being judgmental
Ever feel like your partner just tunes you out? Dr. Margaret Paul dives into this common relationship issue in this episode of Inner Bonding. She shares the story of Astrid and Jacob, a couple struggling with communication breakdowns. Dr. Margaret reveals that Astrid's judgmental attitude towards Jacob is a key factor in his tendency to 'go unconscious'. It's not just about tuning out; it's a defence mechanism learned from his upbringing.
Astrid learns to recognise her own judgmental behaviour and its impact on Jacob, leading to a transformation in their relationship. They both start practicing Inner Bonding techniques, which help them understand and change their patterns of behaviour. As they each take responsibility for their own actions, their relationship blossoms. This episode also touches on other couples facing similar issues and offers practical advice on how to break these toxic cycles.
If you're struggling with feeling unheard or dealing with a partner who shuts down, this episode provides valuable insights and tools to help you both reconnect. Tune in to understand how taking responsibility for your own actions can lead to healthier, more loving relationships.