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  • Guiseppe De L – Montebello CA

Guiseppe De L – Montebello CA

Saturday 11th November 2006

Listen to Giuseppe De L's powerful message of Experience Strength and Hope on the 12 Step Recovery Podcast. Learn about his journey from addiction to recovery and how he found gratitude in Fresno, CA.
62 minutes

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From Gangster to Recovery: A Gratitude Day Message from Giuseppe De L

I invite you into this room, I invite you into this chair. I don't want to drink and I want to get well, if I'm working my third step, then I gotta believe that he's there sitting in the chair.
Giuseppe De L's story is one that many of us can relate to, despite the fact that his journey is unique. In his Gratitude Day message in Fresno, CA, Giuseppe shares his experience, strength, and hope with listeners of the 12 Step Recovery Podcast. He talks about his life as a gangster, his struggles with addiction, and how he found his way to recovery.
A judge's intervention was a turning point for Giuseppe, and led him down a path towards sobriety. His story highlights the importance of Alcoholics Anonymous in recovery, and the power of the 12 steps. Giuseppe's message is one of gratitude - for the program, for the promises, and for the people who have supported him along the way.
His story is a reminder that no matter how far down the scale we have gone, we can find a way to recover and live a life of hope and gratitude. Listen to Giuseppe's message now on and be inspired to find your own path to recovery.