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  • Lyle T – Clovis CA

Lyle T – Clovis CA

Saturday 12th March 2005

Read about Lyle T's inspiring journey to sobriety on the 12 Step Recovery Podcast. Gain insight into the power of the 12 step program and hear Lyle's story of redemption. Listen now on
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From Troubled Youth to 12 Step Recovery: Lyle T's Journey to Sobriety

I believe that God was doing for me what I couldn't do for myself.
Lyle T's journey to sobriety is a testament to the power of the 12 step program and the importance of support and community in addiction recovery. Growing up with a troubled childhood, Lyle turned to drinking at a young age. Despite the early warning signs, it took Lyle many years to realize he had a problem with alcohol. He hit rock bottom when his second wife left him and took everything he owned.
Lyle finally found his way to the 12 step program and began his journey to sobriety. One of the key takeaways from Lyle's story is the importance of honesty in addiction recovery. Lyle struggled with denial and the belief that he still had power over alcohol. It wasn't until he fully embraced the first step of the 12 step program that he was able to begin his journey to sobriety.
Lyle's faith played an important role in his recovery, and he credits God for doing for him what he couldn't do for himself. Through the support of the 12 step community, Lyle was able to rebuild his life and find peace and happiness in sobriety. Lyle's story is an inspiration to anyone struggling with addiction and a reminder that recovery is possible. Listen to Lyle's full story on the 12 Step Recovery Podcast, available now on