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  • Happy Holidays; Resolving Conflict, Healing Relationships.

Happy Holidays; Resolving Conflict, Healing Relationships.

Monday 24th December 2007

Learn how to maintain your recovery during the holidays and resolve conflicts with loved ones. Listen to this episode of One Hour at a Time on
54 minutes

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Navigating Conflict and Maintaining Recovery During the Holidays

Dealing with conflict is so important, and it should be part of everybody's recovery toolbox, and this is something that all treatment programs should be able to teach people.
The holidays can be a stressful time for those in recovery, as they often involve spending time with loved ones with whom they may have conflicts. In a recent episode of One Hour at a Time, host Mary Woods and guest Cynthia discussed the role of conflict in recovery and provided valuable tips for navigating conflicts during the holidays.
Cynthia highlighted the importance of understanding different conflict resolution styles and avoiding assumptions in conflict resolution. She also emphasized the need to slow down and be mindful in conflict situations, as well as the benefits of collaborative conflict resolution.
Mary and Cynthia discussed the impact of the limbic system on anger and conflict, as well as the role of the steps in conflict resolution. They also talked about the importance of negotiating in relationships and applying conflict resolution skills in everyday life.
Overall, the episode provided valuable insights for those in recovery who may struggle with conflicts during the holidays. By utilizing the tips and strategies discussed, individuals can maintain their recovery and strengthen their relationships with loved ones.
Listen to this episode of One Hour at a Time on and discover how to navigate conflict and maintain recovery during the holidays.